Avatarium julkaisi videon “In My Time Of Dying” -klassikosta


Avatarium on julkaissut videon “In My Time Of Dying” -klassikosta. Kappaletta on aiemmin tulkinneet muun muassa Blind Willie Johnson, Bob Dylan ja Led Zeppelin.

Yhtye kommentoi: ”We wanted to do our own take on this song and this is the last recorded version. This song is sometimes a part of our live set and we try to do it a little different each time for our own amusement and also to make every live show an unique event for each listener. Music for us is something that is created in the moment and  by humans interacting together in a way that machines never can recreate. We hope you enjoy this version and that we see you soon on the roads again!”

Kappale on yhtyeen livealbumilta ”An evening with Avatarium – Live in Stockholm January 2020”.

1 Voices
2 Rubicon
3 Into The Fire / Into The Storm
4 Lay Me Down
5 Avatarium
6 Shake That Demon
7 Pearls And Coffins
8 In My Time Of Dying
9 Medusa Child
10 The Sky At The Bottom Of The Sea
11 The Fire I Long For
12 Girl With The Raven Mask
13 Stars They Move
14 Moonhorse


  • Mixed by Viktor Stenqvist.
  • Filmed by Blackbox and edited by Magnus Stenvinkel.

Soittajat videolla:

  • Jennie-Ann Smith : Vocals
  • Marcus Jidell : Hagström 12-string acoustic guitar

Lähde: Avatarium
Kuva: Kuvakaappaus


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