Arch Enemyn ja Delainin vokalistit julkaisivat yhteisen singlen


Arch Enemyn vokalisti Alissa White-Gluz ja Delainin laulaja Charlotte Wessels ovat julkaisseet yhteisen singlen ”Lizzie”. Video on katsottavissa alta.

White-Gluz kommentoi:

I’m so incredibly proud to share the project that has kept me bubbling with ideas and not sleeping for the past couple weeks – “Lizzie”!


Just now we are sharing the music video for our song “Lizzie”, which is actually a three-way, all-woman collaboration with the deceased artist Elizabeth Siddal.


Doing this kind of thing on top of our main bands is an incredible amount of work, but so rewarding! It is made possible by the support of our patrons.


So – in return, the members of my FanClub and Charlotte’s page get all sorts of perks and today they get the whole song, the whole music video and even isolated stems so they can remix the song or sing and play along with us.


Thank you, Charlotte, for this amazing experience!!

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