AntropomorphiA julkisti uuden basistin sekä “Merciless Savagery” –levyn ensi kevääksi

Kuva: Dennis Wassenburg

Hollantilainen death metal –veteraani AntropomorphiA on parhaillaan studiossa levyttämässä uutta albumia, joka kantaa nimeä “Merciless Savagery”. Levy masteroidaan ennen vuoden loppua ja julkaisu tapahtuu ensi keväällä. Yhtye on ilmoittanut samalla basistin vaihdoksesta. Marc van Stiphout on jättänyt bändin ja hänen paikkansa ottaa Villainyn Jeroen Pleunis. AntropomorphiAn edellinen levy ”Sermon Ov Wrath” ilmestyi vuonna 2017.

AntropomorphiA kommentoi:

As we shred closer to the end of the recordings of our 4th full length album everything feels more pervasive than ever before. While we went through some unsettling dark and overwhelming times during the writing of this album, which is not necessarily something negative in our realm, it gave us the hostile anger and exact perspective to move forward and create this audial landscape. Our origins are weaved within the structure of this album but there was a lot of new ground to be discovered. It’s brutal, it’s dark, it’s hateful, filled with infectious riffs and a ’fuck you’ to a mostly repetitive scene.

Marc parts ways with us with no hardship or ill will. Marc’s follow up is Jeroen Pleunis (ex-Villainy), Jeroen is no stranger to the band and he will bring his talent and raging madness to our fold. As the landscape changes a new era begins, gates will open and spew forth a beast of hellish ferociousness.

Ferry Damen – vocals, guitar
Jos van den Brand – guitar
Jeroen Pleunis – bass
Marco Stubbe – drums

Kuva: Dennis Wassenburg
Lähde: Metal Blade


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