Anthrax julkisti lisätiedot elokuussa ilmestyvästä “Persistence Of Time” 30-vuotisjuhlaversiosta

Anthrax juhlistaa “Persistence Of Time” -levyn 30-vuotisjuhlaa julkaisemalla 2CD/DVD sekä 4LP -versiot elokuussa. Alkuperäisen remasteroidun albumin lisäksi julkaisu sisältää demoja, harjoitusottoja sekä livemateriaalia. DVD sisältää 40 minuutin verran materiaalia yhtyeen vuoden 1991 kiertueelta Iron Maidenin kanssa. DVD:llä nähdään mm. kitaristi Scott Ianin, basisti Frank Bellon sekä rumpali Charlie Benanten vierailu Maidenin keikalla ”Sanctuaryn” aikana.

”Persistence Of Time” oli aikanaan Anthraxin viimeinen täysi studiolevy vokalisti Joey Belladonnan kanssa ennen John Bushin saapumista yhtyeeseen. Albumi sai myös Grammy-ehdokkuuden vuoden 1991 metallikategoriassa.

Benanten kommentit ”Persistence Of Time” –levystä alla:

It was such a great time for the band and for music. We were, I felt, way more experienced. And even the bands that came up with us too had breaking moments at that point too; Metallica were putting out the “Black Album”. So things were totally changing. This was around 1990, and I think heavy metal was starting to become a different source for people.I think the ’Persistence’ record and the vibe that was around it was so much more…


We were so free at that point to do what we wanted, and we weren’t worried like we were with the other ones. And the tone of it was just kind of darker, but I think that’s because of what we dealt with the prior year or two. We also had a fire during that time [at the band’s equipment storage space, destroying over $100,000 of their prized instruments and other gear]. So we were going through just life challenges as a band. And individually too, we were going through things. So I think that record is a complete reflection on us at that time.

“Persistence Of Time” juhlajulkaisu ilmestyy 21.8.2020 ja saa ennakkotilaukseen linkistä.

Kansitaide ja kappalelista:

1. Time
2. Blood
3. Keep It In The Family
4. In My World
5. Gridlock
6. Intro To Reality
7. Belly Of The Beast
8. Got The Time
9. H8 Red
10. One Man Stands
11. Discharge

1. I’m the Man (The Illest Version Ever)
2. Time (Live at The Palace of Auburn Hills)
3. Got the Time (Pre-Production)
4. In My World (Pre Production – Scott Ian Guide Vocal)
5. H8 Red (Rehearsal Room/Charlie Benante’s Riff Tape/Pre-Production)
6. Discharge (Charlie’s Riff Tape/Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)
7. Keep It in the Family (Rehearsal Room/Scott Ian Guide Vocal)
8. Blood (Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)
9. Intro to Reality (Pre-Production)
10. Belly of the Beast (Tracking)
11.Gridlock (Tracking)
12. One Man Stands (Pre-Production)
13.Time (Pre-Production, Scott Ian Guide Vocal)

Lähde: Rolling Stone
Kuva: Pete Alander ©Metalliluola


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