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Bändin nimi: I’m a big At The Gates fan and I’ve always really liked the song ALL LIFE ENDS by the Swedish death metal veterans. I found and still find the meaning of the name, this ultimate, the simple truth that all life ends, very fitting to our music style.
Yhtyeen genre: I find this difficult to answer. I can’t even say which bands you could compare us to. In the beginning you could probably assign our sound to melodic death metal. Meanwhile, we would best describe our sound as riff-heavy, uncompromising Death Metal, peppered with technical, but also traditional influences. This is the best way to describe the music on our current album. To form your own opinion you have to listen to “Miscreation”.
Ketä yhtyeeseen kuuluu: I (David, vocals) have been there since the beginning as I started the band back in 2006. Claudio joined as a guitarist and is, along with me, the band member who has been with us the longest. Thomas plays the drums. Ramon, our youngest band member also plays the guitar.
Mistä yhtyeenne on kotoisin: We come from Switzerland and also live in this country.
Yhtyeenne esikuvat: In that sense, we can’t name any bands that directly influence ALL LIFE ENDS, so you can say it sounds like the band XY now or this riff is similar to the group AB. All band members listen to metal with all its different variations and genres. Everyone has their own favourites. There are so many great bands that I couldn’t list them all here.
Kertokaa yhtyeenne taustatarina: As already mentioned, I founded the band at the end of 2006. Claudio joined as a permanent member when the ex-guitarist decided to leave the band. In general, we had a lot of changes in band members. This had a negative impact on further development, as we also had to cancel concerts. In addition, the new members had to learn the songs first. But before we could get into the studio or do shows again, they left the band again. However, since 2019 we have had a stable lineup, so we had written the songs for “Miscreation” in a very short time. Nevertheless we were able to play some important shows with big bands like Belphegor, Sodom, Sinister, Impaled Nazarene or Thulcandra.
Minkälaiset tavoitteet yhtyeellänne on: I’d be lying if I didn’t say that we hope for some success with the new album “Miscreation”. At least that we will become a bit better known in the death metal scene and maybe we can perform at one or the other festival. We love to perform live. As long as this is fun, we’ll keep making music. But we don’t want to become Rock Stars. We are realistic enough that we would have to make different music for it. But we love Death Metal and will stay true to this style.
Minkälainen työnjako musiikin tekemisessä on: Claudio (guitar) provides the riffs and main framework of the song. Together with him, we adapt the individual parts with the lyrics. Then we rehearse the song together and everyone contributes their ideas. Since we don’t have a bass player and play with backtrack, Claudio is also responsible for all the technology. With all the social media sites, we divided the work. Thomas (drums) is responsible for the homepage. I take care of our Bandcamp Site, Facebook, Youtube and email contact. Ramon is responsible for Instagram. I also establish contact with e.g. Dan Swanö or take care of the artwork or the merchandise.
Millainen kokemus bändinne on livenä ja miksi yhtyeenne keikoille kannattaa tulla: The audience could get dizzy from our enthusiastic stage acting. No seriously. We are a very playful and energetic band. We love to play live and our power is contagious. Since we move a lot, the stage can sometimes be a little bit too small for us.
Uusimman levynne nimi: Miscreation
Avatkaa uuden levynne/julkaisunne taustoja. Mikä on toiminut sen inspiraationa ja miten tuotos on syntynyt: Unfortunately, the predecessor “The Plague Of Man” was released just before the CoVID lockdown in Switzerland. So that we could hardly promote the album at all. We had to cancel our album release show and a mini tour through Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. But we didn’t want to spoil our mood. On the contrary, we were full of energy and bursting with creativity. Claudio and I regularly went to the rehearsal room during the lockdown and wrote new songs. So we took a completely different approach to songwriting for “Miscreation”. Usually we rehearse the songs together in the rehearsal room until they are right for everyone. We’ve never been so productive and finished all nine songs in a short amount of time. Ramon and Thomas got nervous because we introduced new songs every few days. Haha. But they were also happy with the result.
Minkä bändin kanssa lähtisitte kaikkein mieluiten kiertämään maailmaa: I’m a big Dissection fan. Unfortunately playing with them is not possible. But it would be amazing for all of us if we could do a tour with Decapitated or just play a single concert.
Jos uudelta levyltä/vanhasta tuotannosta pitäisi suositella kahta biisiä, niin mitkä ne olisivat ja miksi: I understand the question to mean other bands. So I’ll answer it like this. A legendary album for me is “Storm Of The Lights Bane” from Dissection. This album is timeless. I bought it back in 1995 when it came out and it blew me away. I’ve never heard anything like that. Although I already knew Somberlain and love this album as well. “Storm…” was such an incredibly atmospheric, melodic and at the same time brutal album that no other band has ever come close to this sound. The second album I would like to mention is “Somewhere In Time” by Iron Maiden. As a child I was already in contact with metal bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or Uriah Heep. But “Somewhere…” is the first Maiden album I heard. As a kid, that was something completely new and incredibly fantastic. For me this was the perfect science fiction sound.
Mikä musiikki kolahtaa yhtyeellenne juuri nyt: As stated above, each individual member has their own influences. At the moment Ramon is listening more to Black Metal or Deathcore, Thomas loves old school Metal, Thrash and Death. Claudio listens to everything and I love it when it has blast beats mixed in with guitar-heavy riffs, solos and melodies. Our good buddies from Vomitheist (Switzeland) have released their new album “NekroFvneral”. I’m listening to this album a lot at the moment. What I also discovered are the bands Void Ceremony and Imperialist, as well as Blood Incantation. They are really good musicians and their sound has me firmly under control at the moment. But my all-time favorites are the Romans from Hour Of Penance. I can always listen to their albums “Paradogma” and “Sedition”.
Muita asioita, joita haluatte kertoa yhtyeestänne: For the first time in the band’s history, we’ve done a vinyl assignment for “Miscreation”. So I hope there are more people who like records with great artwork. The vinyl version of “Miscreation” should reach us at the end of July.
Minkälaiset terveiset haluatte lähettää lukijoille: Thanks for all the support from fans around the world. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback for our lyricvideo “Pandemonic”. We are very happy about that and it also shows us that we make music that other people like and not just us. That motivates us a lot. We hope and wish that it will be possible for us to play shows in other countries to meet new people. As closing words: Support the underground, go to the concerts and buy the merchandise of the bands you like 😉
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