Alice Cooper julkaisi version Bob Segerin ”East Side Story” -kappaleesta

Alice Cooper on julkaissut Billboardin kautta versionsa Bob Segerin vuoden 1966 kappaleesta ”East Side Story”. Biisi löytyy laulajaveteraanin 13.9.2019 ilmestyvältä ”The Breadcrumbs” -EP:ltä. EP julkaistaan digitaalisesti sekä rajoitettuna 20 000 kappaleen numeroituna 10 tuuman vinyylipainoksena. Levy sisältää kuusi Cooperia inspiroinutta tulkintaa Detroitin garage rock –yhtyeiden kappaleista. Studiobändinä kuullaan mm. MC5-, Grand Funk Railroad– sekä Detroit Wheels –miehistöä. Ennakkotilausta voi jättää linkistä.

Cooper kommentoi kappaletta seuraavasti:

I had never heard that song on the radio. (Bob Ezrin) and I saw that (video) and went, ’We could jazz that song up a little bit and turn it into something else.´ It has a great story and I love the chord structure and everything to it. We just treated it a little more hard rock. It really does have that Detroit feel all the way through it. It came out as a pretty unique song, and I think that has a lot to do with those players.

I told Bob Seger when I saw him ’We’re gonna do one of your songs,’ and he probably thought I wanted to do one of the hits. I told him ’East Side Story,’ and he goes, ’What?!’ I said, ’Yeah, we’re gonna do that one.’ I hope he likes it. I’m glad we gave it a second life.

1. Detroit City 2020
2. Go Man Go
3. East Side Story
4. Your Mama Won’t Like Me
5. Devil With A Blue Dress On / Chains Of Love
6. Sister Anne

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