Agent Steel julkaisi uuden singlen ”Outer Space Connection”

Agent Steel on julkaissut uuden singlen ”Outer Space Connection”, joka on yhtyeen tulevalta albumilta ”No Other Godz Before Me”.

Yhtyeen vokalisti John Cyriis kertoo:

“The road on the bridge between metal music and outer space, is finally inaugurated by the New Era of Agent Steel – in the second decade of the 21st Century – via the launching of the band’s first true album since 1987, titled NO OTHER GODZ BEFORE ME. And so, prepare for the third single release from this new album – the song being the tenth track on the album, OUTER SPACE CONNECTION.”

  • Artwork concept: Johnny Cyriis
  • Video Concept: Johnny Cyriis
  • Song Lyrics: Johnny Cyriis
  • Agent Steel on: Johnny Cyriis (Vocals), Nikolay Atanasov (Guitar), Vinicius Carvalho (Guitar), Shuichi Oni (Bass), Rasmus Kjær (Drums).
  • Composed by Agent Steel, Joe McGuigan, John Roche. Lyrics by Johnny Cyriis.
  • Special thanks to U.L.F. Publishers Entertainment Group
  • Produced by U.L.F. Publishers Entertainment Group, Nori Emma-Daiyo and Agent Steel
  • Directed by: U.L.F. Publishers Entertainment Group, Johnny Cyriis and Agent Steel

Lähde: Cherry Red Records


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