-16- julkaisi ”Dream Squasher”-levynsä – kuunneltavissa kokonaisuudessaan

Kuva: Chad Kelco

Tiedote 8.6.2020

Death metal -yhtye -16- julkaisi uuden levynsä ”Dream Squasher” ja se on kuunneltavissa netissä kokonaisuudessaan.

Synkkä albumi on kerännyt medioilta ympäri maailmaa paljon kehuja:

”…some of the most misanthropic, miserable and black-hearted metal this side of a thrice-divorced, needle-sharing, scrapyard-squatting suicidal junkie…” — Decibel Magazine
”From front-to-back, Dream Squasher finds -(16)- on top of their game, providing a soundtrack for the downtrodden during this world-changing period of pandemic and social strife.” — Blabbermouth
”Spiced up with some harmonica and organ, there’s a lot to take from Dream Squasher… The production makes it all pack a massive punch, but it’s the band’s credit for sounding so gigantic, emotional, and making so many memorable choruses.” — Metal Storm
”…the best set of songs -(16)- have released to date. When the moments of exploration break out it’s transportive; when the foundation of crushing slabs of metal come in I’m content to sink in the deep.” — Nine Circles
”Extremely down-tuned guitars create a wall of riffs in grey and cold concrete. This album is a musical monolith that can’t be discovered after listening to it just once. Dream Squasher needs several rounds to unfold its intensity and musical creativity. And after that a little bit of sunlight is surely not bad either.” — Markus Heavy Music Blog
 ”Dark and dirty, both performance and production are exceptional, and the band even manage to adopt an approach where the music is simultaneously anti-commercial and yet catchy-as-fuck. It’s a difficult line to tread, yet -(16)- utterly nail it. Buy it. Steal it. Get a carrier pigeon to deliver it… you need this album in your life, if only to remind you just how much worse things can get.” — Sonic Abuse
”Long running So-Cal sludge collective -(16)- have a penchant for turning negativity into sonic misery. On their eighth album… their superb combination of sludge and hardcore punk comes at you in full force…” — Heavy Music Headquarters
”Dream Squasher sees the band at their most vicious… With massive fucking guitar tones and some truly top tier execution, it’s easy to see why the band are frequently hailed as among the best to ever do it. Dream Squasher is a monster.” — Two Guys Metal Reviews
”…monumental… -(16)- remain one of the most inexcusably slept-on and consistently excellent long-running acts in heavy music… Dream Squasher is a dejected ode to ruin and riffs. And it could not have come at a better time.” — WUSC 90.5FM 
-(16)- have pulled no punches, with Dream Squasher laying their turmoil and discontent bare for all to experience. It combines a breadth of musical avenues into a thoroughly enjoyable, sludgy package of doom that is anything but neat and tidy. What it is, is raw, tumultuous, and heavy as hell.” — Everything Is Noise
Lähde: Earsplit Records
Kuva: Chad Kelco
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