Stryper viimeistellyt uuden levyn

Amerikkalainen kristillisen metallin pioneeri Stryper on viimeistellyt miksauksen tulevalle studiolevylleen, joka seuraa vuoden 2018 ”God Damn Evil” -pitkäsoittoa.

Julkaisua odotellaan syksyllä.

Keulamies Michael Sweet kommentoi:

I could not be happier to be able to say that the new Stryper-album is officially mixed! It sounds killer! Big, fat, bold and spicy – wait till you hear it! Thank you Danny Bernini for making it happen and now it goes onto Alex Saltz to be taken to another level. I already have 5 favorites that are on repeat. I’m pretty sure they’ll be yours as well. Coming soon to a system near you – The Y&B Attack is alive and well.

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