Sodom julkaisi uuden singlen ja videon


Saksan thrash-ikoni Sodom julkaisee 10.11.2023 EP:n “1982”. Yhtye julkaisi EP:n nimeä kantavan videon.

Tom Angelripper“These days, we’d probably compose those songs differently and arrange them in a more contemporary style. But we see this EP as a little journey back in time to recapture the atmosphere of the early eighties. For us, it’s about remembering those wild years. Back then, people hated bands like Motörhead or Venom. But we didn’t give a shit about their opinion, we wanted to shock and outrage.”

Tilaa EP:

SODOM live 2023:

30.09. DE-Coesfeld – Fabrik
06.10. DE-Hamburg – Kronensaal
07.10. DE-Berlin – ORWOhaus
14.10. ES-Mallorca – Full Metal Holiday
15.10. AT-Kapfenberg – Stadthalle
28.10. DE-Bochum – Turock Fest
04.11. MX-Toluca – Hell And Heaven Open Air
06.11. CO-Bogota – Mayor Auditorium CUN
09.11. HN-San Pedro Sula – Gimnasio Complejo Olímpico
09.12. NL-Effenaar/Eindhoven – Dynamo Metal Meeting
27.12. DE-Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle 2
28.12. DE-Heidelberg – Halle 02
29.12. DE-Regensburg – Eventhall Airport
30.12. DE-Erfurt – Central

Lähde: SPV/Steamhammer