Silver Bullet julkaisi uuden “She Holds The Greatest Promise” –singlen

Tiedote 2.2.2019

Kotimainen sinfonista heavy metallia esittävä Silver Bullet on julkaissut uuden singlen ja lyriikkavideon ”She Holds The Greatest Promise”. Uusi levy ”Mooncult” on kaupoissa 29.3.2019 ja on ennakkotilattavissa linkistä.

Yhtye kommentoi:

Already before we went to Sound Supreme Studios to record Mooncult, we knew that She Holds The Greatest Promise would be the first single from the album. A perfect album opener that has everything we love in metal. The combination of furious riffs, fast double kick, massive orchestrations and a real choir, really lifts the song to new levels. It’s also an amazing example of the new, evolved Silver Bullet: It’s faster and trashier than what we have ever done before but it’s also more melodic and full of hooks. There’s a lot more coming soon, so stay tuned and stay metal!

Albumi on ensimmäinen bändin uuden sopimuksen alla Reaper Entertainment –merkin kanssa ja seuraa vuoden 2016 debyyttiä ”Screamworks” .

1. 1590 Edinburgh (Intro)
2. She Holds The Greatest Promise
3 .Forever Lost
4. Maiden, Mother And Crone
5. Light The Lanterns (Scavengers Of Death)
6. The Witches Hammer
7. The Chalice And The Blade
8. Burn The Witch
9. Purgatorius Ignis (Intro)
10. Eternity In Hell
11. Battle Of Shadows
12. Lady Of Lies

Nils Nordling – Lead Vocals
Hannes Horma – Guitars
Henri Asikainen – Guitars
Ossi Elonen – Bass
Patrik Albrecht – Drums

Levyn kansitaide: Jan ”Örkki” Yrlund/Darkgrove
Silver Bullet kuva: Markus Puumala


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