Pretty Maids vokalisti Ronnie Atkins julkaisi uuden singlen


Pretty Maidsin vokalisti Ronnie Atkins julkaisee oman soololevynsä “One Shot” 12.3.2021.

“To be honest, I initially had no intention to do a solo album to begin with, but for various reasons and in particularly my own personal health situation I finally decided to have a crack at it,” Atkins kertoo.

Nyt tanskalaislaulaja julkaisi toisen singlen tulevalta albumiltaan:

Laulaja kommentoi kappalettaan: “I’m excited to present the second single/video for my forthcoming solo album, the title track “One Shot”. It was one of the first songs I wrote for this album and I’m very fond of the result, as well as the significant performances by Chris Laney, Allan Sørensen, Pontus Egberg, Morten Sandager, and Linnea Vickström, who all participated on this track. Check it out! “

Levyn kappalelista:
1. Real
2. Scorpio
3. One Shot
4. Subjugated
5. Frequency Of Love
6. Before The Rise Of An Empire
7. Miles Away
8. Picture Yourself
9. I Prophesize
10. One By One
11. When Dreams Are Not Enough

Levyn line-up:
Ronnie Atkins: Lead and backing vocals
Chris Laney: Rhythm guitars, keyboards and backing vocals
Allan Sørensen: Drums
Morten Sandager: Keyboards
Pontus Egberg: Bass
Acoustic guitars: Anders Ringman
Lead guitars/solos: Pontus Norgren, Kee Marcello, Olliver Hartmann, John Berg, Chris Laney
Additional backing vocals: Chris Laney, Linnea Vikström Egg, Olliver Hartmann, Bjørn Strid
Produced by: Chris Laney
Mixed by Jacob Hansen

Lähde: Frontiers Music
Kuva: Kuvakaappaus

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