Paradise Lost julkaisi uuden albumin sekä musiikkivideon ”Darker Thoughts” -kappaleesta

Paradise Lost on julkaissut albuminsa ”Obsidian” ja sen kunniaksi musiikkivideon kappaleesta ”Darker Throughts”.

Vokalisti Nick Holmes kommentoi:

Musically, this is a song of 2 halves and was originally written as an intro towards the end of the “Obsidian” writing process. As a result, it’s one of the more spontaneous songs on the album. Lyrically, it’s a song about choosing the wrong path – failing to look before you leap, and dealing with the consequence of dubious decisions..

1. Darker Thoughts
2. Fall From Grace
3. Ghosts
4. The Devil Embraced
5. Forsaken
6. Serenity
7. Ending Days
8. Hope Dies Young
9. Ravenghast

Lähde ja kuva: Nuclear Blast


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