Machine Head esittää 10 vuotta täyttäneen ”Unto The Locust” -levyn kokonaan uudella videolla

Machine Head esittää kymmenen vuotta täyttäneen ”Unto The Locust” -levyn kokonaan uudella videolla

”This week’s Electric Happy Hour celebrated the 10th anniversary of our 7th studio album ”Unto the Locust” in fine style with, for the first time ever, a full album play through. Alongside live and Electric Happy Hour staples, like ”Locust” and ”Darkness Within” (this time receiving the full electric treatment), we went deep and busted out ”Who We Are”, ”Be Still and Know” and gave ”Pearls Before the Swine” it’s live debut. Also included in this epic run through of UTL and also given it’s live debut, is our cover of Judas Priest’s ”The Sentinel” which appears on the Special Edition of the album.

And the boyz didn’t stop there, performing a ferocious second half of the show with run throughs of ”Aesthetics of Hate”, ”My Hands Are Empty”, ”Become the Firestorm” and an awesome impromptu cover of ”Holy Wars…Punishment Due” with Zack Ohren shredding on the guitar!”

  1. Welcome and beers up
  2. I Am Hell
  3. Be Still and Know
  4. Locust
  5. This Is the End
  6. Darkness Within – Electric
  7. Pearls Before the Swine
  8. Who We Are
  9. The Sentinel
  10. Aesthetics of Hate
  11. My Hands Are Empty
  12. Screaming at the Sun
  13. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due – Megadeth cover
  14. Is There Anybody Out There
  15. Become the Firestorm
  16. Halo

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