Lords Of Blackilta uusi levy ja musiikkivideot ”Into The Black” sekä ”Sacrifice”


Lords Of Black on julkaissut musiikkivideot “Into The Black” sekä ”Sacrifice” uudelta levyltään ”Alchemy Of Souls Pt.1”.

Kannesta vastasi Felipe Machado Franco. Vokalistina albumilla toimii aiemmin tänä vuonna paluun yhtyeeseen tehnyt Ronnie Romero.

Lords Of Blackin kitaristi ja perustajajäsen Tony Hernando kommentoi ”Into The Blackia” seuraavasti:

’Into The Black’ is a straightforward rocker with great energy that we’re sure will make our fans headbang and sing along! Lyrically, again, it is a wakeup call, a call to arms if you will, about the rat race times we’ve been living in. To make a difference and defeat evil starts with everyone of us. A call to undo a world devoid of humanity.

”Sacrifice”-biisistä Hernando toteaa:

A song that many fans will find to be a bit different from us, but it’s a very cool and strong song nonetheless. Lyrics are about the sacrifices we all have to make in order to be who we want to be. A song about catharsis, empowering and defeating toxic relationships. For every one considerate, giving human being, there’s at least one that is a taker, a liar, and a soul sucker. Don’t let anyone make you feel useless and unworthy…unmask your enemy and resurrect yourself!

1. Dying to Live Again
2. Into the Black
3. Deliverance Lost
4. Sacrifice
5. Brightest Star
6. Closer to Your Fall
7. Shadows Kill Twice
8. Disease in Disguise
9. Tides of Blood
10. Alchemy of Souls
11. You Came to Me (Piano version)

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