Leaves’ Eyes julkaisi uuden singlen tulevalta levyltään

Kuva: Stefan Heilemann

Sinfonista metallia soittava Leaves’ Eyes julkaisee 22.3.2024 uuden albumin “Myths of Fate”.

Yhtye julkaisi albumilta uuden singlen ja videon “In Eternity”.

Laulaja Elina Siirala: “In Eternity is one of the most personal songs in Leaves’ Eyes history, dedicated to Alex’ late mother Heidi Krull. It’s a tribute to our ancestors, a primal anthem to their lives and spirits. The song embodies the rawness of emotion which the video’s striking visuals accompany. The vast landscapes of Iceland and a pagan ceremony filmed in Wolin / Poland bring the story of the song alive in a captivating way.”

Yhtye julkaisi aiemmin albumilta alla olevat singlet ja videot:


Levyn ensimmäinen single ja video oli “Forged by Fire”.

Alexander Krull: “Finally the time has come and we can present you our new video FORGED BY FIRE! We played FORGED BY FIRE on stage at WACKEN as a world premiere and the song was enthusiastically celebrated by the fans! Here’s the video with an awesome storyline about the legendary Tyrfing sword and a fiery performance in the truest sense of the word! With FORGED BY FIRE we are starting a series of videos with the magical theme of the new album MYTHS OF FATE! Are you ready to travel with us into the world of sagas?”





  • Elina Siirala – Vocals
  • Alexander Krull – Vocals
  • Micki Richter – Guitar
  • Luc Gebhardt – Guitar
  • Joris Nijenhuis – Drums

Lähde: All Noir
Kuva: Stefan Heilemann