Katso Finntrollin Summer Breeze -festaripäivä rumputeknikon silmin uudella videolla

Kuva: Sofia Douska

Katso Finntrollin Summer Breeze -festaripäivä rumputeknikon silmin.

“20th episode hullabaloo!!!

It’s hard to believe my “Drummer’s MY DAY” video diary which was supposed to be just one video, has reached it’s 20th episode! I wonder if anybody has seen them all?!

Eventually I expanded this video diary series to also include “Drum Tech’s MY DAY” episodes, as besides being a drummer, I also work as a drum technician. …and episode 20 is also about drum tech work, quite many of them has been lately…

This time I wanted to do an actual “My Day” video for a change and not misuse the title as I’ve done constantly. Just one day from morning until night and that’s it. I chose the drum tech gig with Finntroll at Summer Breeze Open Air to be the one-day video diary. This is how it went down. Hope you like it!”

Lähde: Toni Paananen
Kuva: Sofia Douska

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