Kamelot julkaisi tulevalta DVD:ltä uuden livevideon ”Phantom Divine” feat. Lauren Hart

Kamelot on julkaissut Once Human -laulaja Lauren Hartin tähdittämän livevideon kappaleesta ”Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)”.

Yhtye julkaisee “I Am The Empire” BluRay/DVD:n 14.8.2020 Napalm Recordsin kautta. Konsertti taltioitiin Tillburgissa syyskuussa 2018 ja lavalla vierailivat Hartin lisäksi mm. Alissa White-Gluz, Elize Ryd, Charlotte Wessels, Eklipse sekä Sascha Paeth.

Ennakkotilausta saa jätettyä linkistä.

Kitaristi Thomas Youngblood kommentoi:

We are pleased to present ”Phantom Divine” as the second video from our upcoming DVD/BluRay. This song is from our most recent studio release The Shadow Theory and features Lauren Hart (Once Human). During the entire Shadow Tour, this was the night opener and always set the tone for the rest of the evening. Fans tell me this song encompasses a ton of what they feel is part of the Kamelot trademark. We hope you all share in our joy for this release!

Lauren Hart lisää:

What a Masterpiece! It was a huge honor to share the stage with so many legends and witness this beautiful piece of Kamelot history!

Disc 1
1 Transcendence (Intro)
2 Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)
3 Rule the World
4 Insomnia
5 The Great Pandemonium
6 When the Lights Are Down
7 My Confession
8 Veil of Elysium
9 Under Grey Skies
10 Ravenlight
11 End of Innocence
12 March of Mephisto
13 Amnesiac

Disc 2
1 Manus Dei
2 Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)
3 Drum and Keys Solo
4 Here’s to the Fall
5 Forever
6 Burns to Embrace
7 Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)
8 Ministrium (Shadow Key)

Lähde: Napalm Records
Kuva: Hannu Juutilainen ©Metalliluola


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