Immolation ja viimeiset kuolometallitanssit uudella kappaleella ”Destructive Currents”

Immolation on julkaissut ensimmäisen kappalenäytteen 24.2.2017 Nuclear Blastin kautta ilmestyvältä ”Atonement”-levyltä. ”Destructive Currents”-biisin kuolometallisävelmiin pääsee alta löytyvästä 360-videosta:

Laulaja Ross Dolan kommentoi kappaletta:

We chose the song ’Destructive Currents’ as the first song to leak to the fans because it’s a fast and aggressive song that gets right down to business. It’s just dark and powerful, and I think it gives everyone a sense of whats in store for them with this release. Lyrically, the song deals with the herd/mob mentality and how it gets fed, manipulated and exploited by outside forces. These are the currents of deception, misinformation and destruction, which are designed to mislead people. So that’s really the idea behind the song lyrically.

1. The Distorting Light
2. When The Jackals Come
3. Fostering The Divide
4. Rise The Heretics
5. Thrown To The Fire
6. Destructive Currents
7. Lower
8. Atonement
9. Above All
10. The Power Of Gods
11. Epiphany

Bonus track:



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