Horror Dance Squad julkaisi uuden singlen ”Callous Cage” tulevalta levyltään

Horror Dance Squad
Kuva: Horror Dance Squad

Virolainen Horror Dance Squad julkaisee uuden levynsä ”No Flag Will Fly Forever” myöhemmin tänä vuonna.
Yhtye julkaisi levyltä uuden sinkun ja musiikkivideon kappaleesta ”Callous Cage”.

Kuuntele biisi alta:

“We have been working on this album for over two years and we simply cannot express how truly excited we are,” laulaja Karl Mesipuu kertoo. “It’s been a long journey writing. The work process has made us all take another step as people and musicians and I think that is the main reason to be so proud of this record. We have a solid team – countless hours in the studio recording with our co-producer Sander Sadam has shown all of us why we love doing this together. All the themes in the lyrics and the melodies mirror everything we went through during recording as well as inspired by the latest events in our lives. There also was a lot of improvisation & experimentation behind the mic and that’s what made the whole process so fun.”

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Kuva ja lähde: Horror Dance Squad


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