Frosttide julkaisi uuden singlen ‘We Will Be Gone’


Tiedote 22.11.2020

Kotimainen melodista death/folk metalia esittävä Frosttide julkaisi uuden singlen ‘We Will Be Gone’ tulevalta kolmannelta studiolevyltään, joka julkaistaan ensi vuonna Out Of Line Musicin kautta.

Yhtyeen säveltäjä Juho Patinen kommentoi uutta singleä:

The song is inspired by all existence and its meaning to an individual, viewed from a rather objective perspective. As in bigger scales and over periods of time, the impact of one’s life eventually fades away. Grasping that makes you realize that everything is temporary hence all that matters is happening right now.


The stories vary, but at the end of the day we’re all alone with our memories right now and we can only imagine what comes next no matter how calculative we are. Only one thing is certain in the end. Like mentioned before everything is temporary. Someday everything will be gone just like it didn’t exist before. We will be gone.

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Kuva: Raisa Krogerus ©Metalliluola
Lähde: Out Of Line Music

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