Enterprise Earth -yhtyeen kitaristi Gabriel Mangold julkaisi akustisia covereita

Gabriel Mangold
Kuvakaappaus Gabriel Mangold -videosta

Enterprise Earth -yhtyeen kitaristi Gabriel Mangold on julkaissut akustiset versiot Rings of Saturn -yhtyeen kappaleesta “Metal Prolapse” sekä australialaisen Make Them Suffer -yhtyeen “Erase Me” -biisistä.

Akustisten versioiden videot on nauhoitettu New Mexicossa.

Mangold kertoo: “The Rings Of Saturn video was shot in Taos, New Mexico at Hotel Luna Mystica. It’s a vintage trailer hotel and campground that I currently work at and reside with my tiny home trailer. The Make Them Suffer video was filmed in the Carson National Forest in Tres Piedras, New Mexico which is about forty-five minutes northwest of Taos. Northern New Mexico is extensively beautiful and I’m fortunate to be living here once again. Having resided in Taos on two separate occasions, I’m familiar with the area and felt that these locations would be perfect for each video, respectively. 

“The Ring’s song,” he continues, “was a result of being on back to back tours with them and not being able to get the extremely catchy chorus melody from ‘Mental Prolapse’ out of my head. Make Them Suffer had also just released that killer track and the melodies and lyrics seemed to suit themselves very well for an acoustic rendition. Both of these bands are also my good friends so I’m sure that had something to do with my decisions as well! Both songs also have great melodies which make translating to acoustic quite enjoyable.”
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Kuva: Kuvakaappaus Gabriel Mangold -videosta
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