Destructionin ”Nailed To The Cross” -livevideo katsottavissa

Destruction on julkaissut uuden livevideon “Nailed To The Cross” -kappaleesta. Yhtyeen keikka Saksan Partysan-festareilta viime elokuulta on ilmestynyt livealbumina “Born To Thrash – Live In Germany” digitaalisessa formaatissa. CD- ja LP-versioina julkaisu saadaan kauppoihin 17.7.2020.

Keulamies Schmier kommentoi:

“Nailed to the Cross” is one of the newer generation Destruction-songs, that we could never take off our setlist. It became a fan favorite right away and is one of those songs that never get old, especially live.The crowd at the Partysan-festival that day, gave us a great welcome – I hope you enjoy a bit of the festival atmosphere that we will all be missing this year!

1. Curse The Gods
2. Nailed To The Cross
3. Born To Perish
4. Mad Butcher
5. Life Without Sense
6. Betrayal
7. Total Desaster
8. The Butcher Strikes Back
9. Thrash Till Death
10. Bestial Invasion

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