Dee Snider julkaisi uuden singlen ”Time To Choose” feat. Cannibal Corpsen Corpsegrinder

Dee Snider on julkaissut uuden singlen ”Time To Choose” feat. Cannibal Corpsen Corpsegrinder. Kappale on laulajan tulevalta albumilta ”Leave A Scar”, joka julkaistaan 30.7.2021 (Napalm Records).

DEE SNIDER kertoo “Time To Choose” -kappaleesta:

”‘Time To Choose’ deals with a subject I’ve addressed often over the course of my writing career: good vs. evil (see ‘Burn In Hell’). Given the heaviness of this track, I felt adding George ”Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s voice to this would drive home the seriousness of the choices we make. I was honored when he agreed to contribute his incredibly powerful voice.”

Dee Snider online:

Albumin tilaukset:

01 I Gotta Rock (Again)
02 All Or Nothing More
03 Down But Never Out
04 Before I Go
05 Open Season
06 Silent Battles
07 Crying For Your Life
08 In For The Kill
09 Time To Choose
10 S.H.E.
11 The Reckoning
12 Stand

Lähde: Napalm Records


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