Blooming Carrions julkaisi uuden kappaleen “Sisters In Blooming Flesh”


Tiedote 15.8.2019

Kotimainen death metal –yhtye Blooming Carrions on julkaissut uuden kappaleen “Sisters In Blooming Flesh”. Biisi löytyy yhtyeen tulevalta saman nimiseltä EP:ltä, joka julkaistaan Iron Bonehead Productionsin kautta 28.11.2019 CD:nä sekä 12-tuumaisena vinyylinä. Viisi vuotta sitten perustetulla bändillä on takanaan kaksi demoa.

Yhtyeestä ja tulevasta levystä kerrotaan seuraavaa:

Hailing from Finland, Blooming Carrions was founded during the deadly summer of 2014 by EvM, who possessed a desire to create dark and primitive death metal, and to channel visions about decomposing hallucinations, cryptic dreams, and love for beauty of death and decay. The first offering, “Sparkling Rotten Dreams”, was released in summer 2017 by Iron Bonehead, and it introduced the band in it rawest form, with all essential Blooming Carrions weapons: twisted, cavernous riffs, eerie guitar melodies, pounding drums, and brutal and cryptic vocals. New material headed into darker and more distant territories, and the second demo came out soon after, titled “Necrosis Twilight” – again released by Iron Bonehead – offering two songs that were more atmospheric, crushing, and majestic.

But that was just a small glimpse of what was on the horizon for Blooming Carrions. During melancholic nights of autumn 2017 and winter 2018, new material was crafted, and during summer and autumn 2018, “Sisters in Blooming Flesh” was recorded by EvM and new member PkE, who joined Blooming Carrions to handle bass obscurities. What we have here is three songs of eerie, majestic, and brutal blackened death metal, blooming in rotting bliss and vulturous hallucinations. Truly titled, “Sisters in Blooming Flesh” is indeed the rotten, blossoming bouquet of Blooming Carrions.

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