Blood Red Thronelta uusi musiikkivideo ”Bloodity”


Norjalainen death metal -yhtye Blood Red Throne on julkaissut uuden musiikkivideon kappaleesta ”Bloodity”. Biisi on nostettu yhtyeen tuoreimmalta levyltä ”Fit To Kill”. Bändi on kiinnitetty syyskuun 2020 Nordic Metal Meeting -tapahtumaan, jota on nyt siirretty vuodella eteenpäin. Artistien kanssa neuvotellaan vielä esiintymisestä.

Vokalisti Bolt kommentoi:

“Bloodity” is yet again a title with a word I made up. This one is a nod to Bowie who passed, and the working title for me was “Face Bloodity”, but that was not clever, and it became “Bloodity”, that I didn’t tell anyone before was inspired by “Space Oddity”. The song is about my never-ending hatred for religious warfare, death, and terror for “god” and so on. It doesn’t shine through by ear since my singing is not so understandable, but I always try to write clever lyrics getting my thoughts or emotions out, or describing fictive ugliness to empress a certain emotion on the “reader” in the booklets.

Død – guitar
Meathook – guitar
Bolt – vocals
Freddy – drums
Gunner – bass

Lähde: Mighty Music
Kuva: Blood Red Throne

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