Behemoth julkaisi uuden videon “Evoe”-kappaleesta


Behemoth on julkaissut uudelta ”A Forest” -EP:ltä Tom Armstrongin ohjaaman videon kappaleesta “Evoe”.

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´Evoe’ and ’Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha’ are two brand-new, unheard songs that continue on from where “I Loved You At Your Darkest” left off. We’re fortunate enough to have had more than enough music for the record which afforded us this transitional EP release as we move towards our new offerings. These songs may be B-Sides but they’re really strong and fresh! At the very least, we hope it gives you Legions something to distract yourself from the monotony of our collective situation. Enjoy!

1. A Forest
2. A Forest (Live)
3. Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha
4. Evoe

Artwork, photos and drawings by Bartek Rogalewicz
Portraits by Tomasz Łączyński

Lähde: Behemoth
Kuva: Raisa Krogerus ©Metalliluola


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