Avatariumin ”Dark Gospel (Trouble Of The World)”  -esitys katsottavissa


Avatariumin ”Dark Gospel (Trouble Of The World)”  -esitys on katsottavissa. Video on yhtyeen ”Deep Well Sessions” -sessiosta. Kappale on blues/gospel -coveri, jonka alunperin levytti Mahalia Jackson vuonna 1959.

”We wanted to see if we could take an old blues/gospel song and make it a Avatarium number and this is the result. We hope you enjoy it!!

While working on new material in the studio we wanted to record and interpret some songs that has inspired us through the years. We also looked for songs that wasn’t too obvious like a Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin tune for instance. This song is recorded live and then Marcus did some guitar overdubs to get the right vibe. This is actually how we recorded our albums ”The Girl With The Raven Mask” and ”Hurricanes and Halos”. Jennie-Ann was singing with us in the studio when we recorded the instrumental music and many of her live vocal takes was so good that we kept them on the albums.”

  • Filmed and recorded at Nox Studios in Stockholm.
  • Recorded by :Viktor Stenquist
  • Mixed by : Marcus Jidell
  • Filmed and edited by : Per Schelander
  • Camera assistant: Thomas Stolpe
  • Produced and arranged by: Marcus Jidell & Avatarium


  • Jennie-Ann Smith : Vocals
  • Marcus Jidell : Guitar
  • Mats Rydström: Bass
  • Andreas Habo Johansson :Drums
  • Rickard Nilsson: Keyboards

Lähde: Avatarium
Kuva: Kuvakaappaus


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