Grave Digger julkaisi uuden singlen ja lyriikkavideon ”Fear Of The Living Dead”

Saksan perinteisen metallin veteraani Grave Digger on julkaissut MetalTalk-sivuston kautta ensimmäisen singlen ja lyriikkavideon syyskuussa ilmestyvältä ”The Living Dead” –albumilta. Napalm Recordsin kautta julkaistava levy on kaupoissa 14.9.2018.

”Fear Of The Living Dead” -kappaleen saa tarkistettua alta:

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Here it is, the new Grave Digger lyric video. Normally we don’t like lyric videos so much but this one reproduces the atmosphere of the song very well and it’s scary, weird and tough. The song is the first track we have written for the new album and contains all trademarks of Grave Digger and much more. It’s fast, epic and sounds fresh like a new born child. Enjoy people and watch out for the Living Dead!

1. Fear Of The Living Dead
2. Blade Of The Immortal
3. When Death Passes By
4. Shadow Of The Warrior
5. The Power Of Metal
6. Hymn Of The Damned
7. What War Left Behind
8. Fist In Your Face
9. Insane Pain
10. Zombie Dance
11. Glory Or Grave

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