Coldboundin uusi “The Gale” –albumi kuunneltavissa kokonaisuudessaan

Tiedote 10.6.2018

Kotimaisen melodista death metallia soittavan Coldboundin 10.6.2018 julkaisun saanut “The Gale” –albumi on nyt kuunneltavissa kokonaisuudessaan. Kyseessä on pääkaupunkiseudulla 2012 perustetun yhtyeen neljäs levy ja aiemmasta black metal –vaikutteisesta tyylistä on nyt siirrytty melodisempaan suuntaan.

“The Gale” –levyä kuvataan seuraavasti:

The concept of the album is focused to memories of nostalgia , personal struggles and last but not least has the purpose of raising the awareness of those who suffer from depression, have suicidal thoughts or feel lonely. The Moto of the album that is repeated continuously on the song “Shades of Myself” and is displayed on the digipak that is about to be released, is “Living is an act of courage”. The lyrics are mostly inspired by personal struggles and somehow promote optimism through dark times.

Pauli Souka – composer , guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, lyrics ,programming, layout, production
Paulina Medepona – Vocals on track “The Eminent Light” , artwork
Andras Miklosvari – keyboards on tracks 4,5,6,7
Ida Korkiakoski – photography

Kansi ja kappalelista:

1. 61° 43′ N 17° 07 E
2. The Invocation
3. Endurance Through Infinity
4. The Eminent Light
5. The Gale
6. My Solace
7. Winters Unfold
8. Shades Of Myself
9. Towards The Weeping Skies


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