Bruce Dickinson: ”Tulevalla Iron Maiden –kiertueella luvassa todellisia yllätyksiä”.

Iron Maiden –keulamies Bruce Dickinson kertoo Kerrangin uudessa haastattelussa Iron Maidenin toukokuussa käynnistyvän Legacy Of The Beast –kiertueen sisällöstä. Dickinson lupaa shown sekä settilistan sisältävän todellisia yllätyksiä ja kertoo myös ottavansa omaan esiintymiseensä tulevalla rundilla hieman erilaisemman näkökulman.

Legacy Of The Beast- kiertue nähdään Helsingin Hartwall Arenalla 28. ja 29.5.2018.

Dickinsonin kommentit tulevasta showsta alla:

It’s different. But when you do a show like we’re planning to do, I want it to be really slick, but awesome. I want people to go, ‘Wow! Fucking hell, you’ve gotta see this show!’ I want people to be surprised as well. I want them to go home going, ‘Fucking hell, I can’t believe they played song!’ That’s the reaction I want. When you do an album tour, it’s more… you can take time to be a bit goofy with people and for them to digest it and what have you. On the Book Of Souls tour there was quite a lot of chatting with the audience. I’m not planning that on this tour because we’ve got so much to do and there’s so much going on. The show and the music is gonna carry the whole bloody thing. I’m pretty intimately involved in the show. There’ll be a couple of moments of chat with the audience, but it should be completely self-explanatory what’s going on – the drama should be in the transitions of the stage and the music. And we’re playing one or two things that people are gonna be really surprised by. There’ll be social media madness after the first show.

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